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Tulsi Brahmi Tea, 50 g

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Delicious organic herbal tea, anti-stress herb Brahmi Tulsi and herbs that support memory, concentration and mental balance. No caffeine. Made from the finest Tulsi leaves and blossoms. No caffeine.

Effects of Tulsi:

  • Powerful antioxidant
  • Energy body lift
  • Increase vitality
  • Induction of physical well-being
  • It contributes to the metabolism of fats, cholesterol and blood sugar

Brahmi is used in Ayurvedic medicine to increase vitality, helps reduce mental stress, a positive effect on fear of negative emotions and lack of concentration. Positively affects memory. Positive effect on the mental and emotional balance.

Ingredients: Rama Tulsi (Ocinum Sanctum), Krishna Tulsi (Ocinum Sanctum), Vana Tulsi (Ocinum gratissinum), Brahmi (Centella asiatica)

Use: 1 teaspoon per cup. Cover with boiling water and leave to infuse for 3 minutes. Drink warm. You can sweeten. To prepare ice tea, let cool and add ice. For maximum effect, drink 3-5 cups a day.

Packaging: 50 grams

Health effects

In recent years there has been increasing interest in positive health effects of Tulsi. Currently available large quantities of advanced scientific information to confirm the benefits in supporting body functions, as described in ancient writings ("Life Sciences").

Tulsi is rich, sweet flavor. Tulsi leaves (tea) are mostly used for its health effects, although all parts of the plant, including roots, stem, flowers and seeds are important, and various physical and symbolic properties. Tickets can be used for flavoring dishes.

Tulsi enhances immunity, stress, a supportive effect on colds, it is a powerful antioxidant. Promotes vitality and energy supplies. Induces physical well-being and relaxation. It contributes to the metabolism of fats, cholesterol and blood sugar.

Scientific research indicates that Tulsi offers the following possibilities of treatment:

  • Strengthens overall health and satisfaction, which has a general positive effects on the body and mind.
  • Releasing the stress
  • Increases ability to cope and adapt to changing and challenging environment and reduces the negative physical and psychological effects of stress (adaptogenic effects).
  • Energy and power
  • It improves stamina and endurance and also increases the body's efficiency in using oxygen. It supports protein synthesis and increases power.
  • Effects of Anti-Aging
  • It helps keep you (and get back!) Youthfulness, memory and slows down the process of biological aging by reducing the impact of physiological aging factors.
  • Antidiabetic effects
  • Scientists have discovered that Tulsi reduces blood sugar and may be an appropriate addition of dietary recommendations for the treatment of mild insulin-independent diabetes (type 2 diabetes in adults).
  • Antioxidant effects
  • It provides significant protection for the uptake of free radicals and antioxidant support. Neutralizes dangerous biochemicals that contribute to premature aging, cancer and degenerative diseases.
  • Radiation Protection
  • Reduces damage to cells and tissues zejméma in liver and heart cells caused by harmful sun rays, radiation from the screens of television and computers, of radiotherapy, when traveling by air in high altitudes, etc.
  • Support immune system
  • Strengthens and modulates the immune system. Reduces allergic histamine, asthmatic and other adverse immune reactions.
  • Anti-inflammatory effects
  • Reduces the painful and dangerous inflammation that plays a key role in various forms of arthritis, cancer and degenerative disorders of the nervous system. Michiganští researchers found in basil-inflammatory and analgesic effects similar to drugs ibuprofen, naproxen and aspirin.
  • Effects on viruses and bacteria
  • It offers significant natural antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties and is therefore useful in treating many serious systemic diseases, as well as localized infections. It is effective against Escherichia coli, Bacillus anthracis ...
  • Protecting the heart and vascular system
  • It reduces levels of dangerous cholesterol and high blood pressure is coming from stress, protects and strengthens the heart and blood vessels, and has a mild blood-thinning ability, thereby reducing the likelihood of heart attacks. Does the accumulation of fat in the body (in women after menopause).
  • Liver Support
  • In general, contributes to healthy liver function, improves metabolic processes and elimination of hazardous chemicals in the blood and acts as an antidote against various liver diseases.
  • It works for coughs and colds. Support effects on lung and bronchus
  • Besides the contribution to the overall health of the respiratory tract has been shown that Tulsi help treat a number of serious allergic, inflammatory and infectious problems affecting the lung and related tissues. Served with sinusitis and nasal congestion.
  • Reduces fever
  • Reduces headaches
  • Nutrition
  • It contains vitamins A and C and minerals calcium, zinc and iron, and chlorophyll and many other nutritious ingredients of plant origin. It also enhances the efficient digestion, absorption and utilization of nutrients from food and other herbs. Trace quantities of organic copper promotes iron absorption.
  • Increases efficiency and reduces the negative and often dangerous side effects of many standard modern medical treatments. Cleanses the mind and brain
  • Furthermore, among its many other benefits, Tulsi also reduces nausea, vomiting and abdominal cramps and stomach, reduces bloating and heartburn, protects gastric mucosa against gastric ulcers, cleanses the blood, reduces congestion, promotes digestion, works for arthritis and rheumatism reduces muscle spasms, depression reduces, repels mosquitoes! Enter the effects of cystitis, a diuretic (water) effects. It may be beneficial in the early stages of cancer.

Tulsi Herb

Tulsi is known as botany or Ocimum Sanctum Ocimum tenuiflorum new ones like (these are the varieties of Rama and Krishna Tulsi) and Ocimum basilicum or gratissimum (Vana Tulsi variety). It belongs to the family of herbs mátovitých Lamiaceae / Labiatae.

Tulsi, Queen of herbs, the elixir of health is one of the holiest and most popular among the many healing plants and herbs of the Orient. Tulsi is valued for its religious and spiritual sanctity, as well as thanks to its central position it occupies in traditional Ayurvedic and holistic systems unanských Naturopathy East. It is dedicated to the god Krishna and cherries, it is considered as incarnation of Lakshmi, the goddess of prosperity, happiness and longevity.

To date, five have already been described and documented by the Millennium vast amounts of information about Tulsa, which serves to promote health, prevent disease and prolong life, and in the last fifty years many of these beneficial properties examined and verified by using modern scientific research. Tulsi is the most commonly prepared for use in a simple form of tea. Tulsa, which is recognized as a general strengthening and vitalizing agent or "Elixir of Life", has been a long time traditionally used to treat a wide range of disorders, including diseases of the mouth, throat, lungs, heart, blood, liver, kidney and gastrointestinal tract, respiratory metabolism and nervous system. Tulsi is commonly used to treat coughs, colds and flu, headaches, and ear, rheumatism and arthritis, malaria, high temperature, allergic reactions and various skin diseases, to reduce the toxic effects of various poisons, including cases of insect bites or snake bites and expulsion of intestinal parasites, insects, and clean air.

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