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Agaricus blazei - Brazilian champignon (90 capsules)

690,00 Kč tax incl.

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by traditional medicine Agaricus acts favorably in conditions such as :

prevention and treatment of cancer accompanying
Support for the treatment of skin diseases
regulation of blood pressure
Support the immune system
support bowel function
support the treatment of infections
regulates lipid metabolism
increased cholesterol
has hepatoprotective effects
promoting bone growth

Other names Agaricus blazei Murrill
ABM , Brazilian mushroom , mushroom almond mushroom sun , the divine mushroom , royal sun agaricus , cogumelo medicinel , cogumelo Piedade , cogumelo do sol , sun fungus , her song rong ( China), himematsutake , agarikusutake , kawariharatake

Short profile
Agaricus blazei Murrill (ABM ) comes from the Brazilian rainforest. At present, it is also produced in various countries. Despite its positive effects on human health have been reported only in the mid sixties , ABM has quickly become one of the most important medical hub. Basic research also shows a strong interest in this natural product . In addition to proven anticancer properties of mushrooms is also carried out research into its immunomodulatory , anti-allergic , anti-diabetic and anti-viral effects.
Using tested in practice

Treatment of allergies and autoimmune diseases
Stimulation of the immune system , protection against infection
Prevention of cancer in high-risk groups
Adjunctive therapy for cancer
Control of blood sugar level

Characteristics from the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine :

temperature - hot
taste - sweet , slightly spicy
tropism - spleen , stomach, intestine

Effects of traditional Chinese medicine :

Qi strengthens the entire body
transforms phlegm , stops cough
relieves spasms
expels worms

Table medicinal use of mushrooms in TCM here .
Notes to Regulation
Starting dose for teenagers and adults :

By weight 65 kg :
900 - 1,200 mg extract per day or sponge
1.500 to 2.000 mg fungal powder on the sponge on the day

For body weight over 65 kg :
about 1,800 mg extract per day or sponge
2.000 to 3.000 mg fungal powder on the sponge on the day

The exact dose depends not only on the weight and age but also on the type and severity of the disease. The dose should be monitored during the treatment and may be gradually increased , if necessary . It is recommended that individual testing of energy .

Doses above are general and the reference value may be exceeded when necessary.

Powder or extract:
Use of a powder or powder capsules, is generally recommended as a preventative measure completely . Extracts or combinations of extract and powder are used for an existing disease. Of course there are other possible regulations.

Proven and tested combinations with other with medicinal mushrooms :

Treatment of allergies and autoimmune diseases: Reishi and Hericium
Stimulation of the immune system , protection against infection : Coriolus , Reishi , Shiitake
Cancer prevention and adjuvant therapy of cancer : targeting the tumor type
Control of blood sugar levels : Maitake and Coprinus

Scientific documentation

Components of Agaricus blazei Murill
ABM is characterized by a balanced concentration of valuable vitamins , minerals and amino acids , as well as a high proportion polysaccharides. It is reported that as a principle active component responsible for the therapeutic effectiveness are defined peptide -glucans , particularly 1 to 4 -alpha -D-glucan , 1-6 beta- D -glucan , ergosterol as a precursor of vitamin D , and the compound known as A-1 .

Active principles and applications

Anti-tumor and tumor -suppressing effects

Agaricus blazei Murrill demonstrated in many studies, a clear effect on the growth and regression of tumors. This is a primary result of activation of the immune system : macrophages and neutrophilic granulocytes are stimulated and their effectiveness in relation to tumor cells is increased. The cytotoxicity of natural killer cells , in relation to cancer cells also improves . This is manifested by activating production of gamma interferon , interleukin -induced 12th Also, tumor -suppressing effects of ergosterol appears as the effect of preventing the formation of new blood vessels in tumor tissue , which reduces tumor growth. This effect also explains documented tumor suppressors and anti-metastatic effect of compound A-1 ( sodium pyroglutamate ) in the ABM . Moreover, A-1 can reproduce a minimal immune response to tumor activity , so that also has a cancer -suppressing effect.

Prevention and complementary cancer therapy

There are indications that ABM can counteract genetic changes at the cellular level in the earliest stages of tumor development . Already in animal experiments described were strong anti-mutagenic effects of ABM . It seems, therefore , that the ABM is well suited for preventive use in patients with an increased risk of cancer. Newer basic studies indicate the possible use of ABM in leukemia. In mice, tumor regression was identified after the ABM supplements , so the sponge is recommended as a possible adjunctive therapy in oncology practice . Another experiment on animals describes the antimetastatic effect of beta - glucan part of ABM . In the context of medical research is the use of ABM in patients with metastatic tumors evaluated positively.

Immunomodulation and activation of the immune response

Activation of immune substances in ABM plays a crucial role both in cancer treatment and prevention of diseases which are generally inflammatory . The increase in activity of phagocytic action of beta- glucan portion of the ABM is characterized as a basic mechanism .

Simultaneously, granulocytes and monocytes are increasingly moving to the site of inflammation , where they produce more and more relevant for inflammation cytokines.

Prevention and treatment of allergies

Animal experiments have shown that the additional treatment ABM not only leads to an increase of immunologically active T cells and their capacity of phagocytosis , but also affects the formation of immunoglobulins. This slows hypersensitivity antigens and ABM becomes an important preventive agent for allergic reactions. It also describes the effect on histamine release from mast cells , which leads to a reduction of anaphylactic reactions.

Antiviral and antibacterial properties

Research antiviral effects of substances contained in ABM is still in its infancy. However, there are promising indications of possible positive effect on viral infection by inhibiting reproduction of the virus at an early stage . This was already demonstrated by the polio virus in vitro. There are also the initial results of possible mechanisms for the Hepatitis C virus in the human body.

ABM also appears to be effective against bacterial infections. In animal experiments, there was a positive effect on systemic streptococcal infection. It is assumed , however, that this protective function can be explained by the activation of the immune system that has been described above . Regardless , however, the ABM recommended for the preventive and complementary use in bacterial infections .

Adjunctive therapy for diabetes mellitus

Initial clinical studies of patients with type 2 diabetes have demonstrated that adjunctive therapy 1.500 mg ABM extract can significantly improve the sensitivity to insulin. It can open up new application possibilities of this versatile medicinal mushrooms in the display field that was previously largely ignored.

General quality characteristics

It is important that the product of medicinal mushrooms have superior quality to the human organism is able to benefit from the health promoting potential medicinal mushrooms. Responsible manufacturers gain accreditation , independent laboratory monitoring mushroom cultivation and the various stages of preparation. Laboratory results should be made ​​available on request to all interested parties.

Another benefit of the best possible product safety is processing raw powder or extract in accordance with strict quality standards issued in Germany, with which compliance is documented seal.

Powder of medicinal mushroom, which is produced by a method known as a method of broken shells ( shellbroken ) is considered extremely high quality because of a good bioavailability. This method achieves an exceptionally fine grain size of about 0.125 mm , which optimizes delivery of substances contained in the sponge .

Among the most important ingredients of medicinal mushroom polysaccharides from pure hub. The high quality of the medicinal mushroom extracts are standardized by polysaccharides , polysaccharides optimum value is about 20 % - 30% , because it also corresponds to the natural composition of fungi.
MycoMedica Agaricus extract is about 20 times more concentrated than the dried powder of the hub , so that its action is effective ! The content of polysaccharides in the extract of Agaricus MycoMedica is at least 20 % ( 200mg / g).

when health problems : 3-4 capsules daily to alleviate problems (it is advisable to consult with a physician or practitioner of Chinese medicine )
for prophylactic use: 1-2 capsules daily (2-3 months a year)
pocket take on an empty stomach ( Min.20 minutes before or 30 minutes after a meal) , glass of water or weak tea

Contents: 90 capsules and 500 mg of extract

Note : The product is not intended for children under 3 years of age , pregnant and nursing . Do not exceed the recommended daily dosage. Keep out of the reach of children. The product is not a substitute for a varied diet . Exclude ephedrine , caffeine, gluten, preservatives , coloring agents or sugar.

The information presented on this web site are provided for informational purposes only and is not intended to replace advice from a qualified physician. For health information , consult your doctor.

MycoMedica Agaricus product is approved by the Ministry of Health under No. OVZ- 35.1 - 11 October 2012 - 1741.

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