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Enterosgel tube 225g

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Enterosgel - drugs on the basis of organic silicon, designed to remove toxic substances from the body, correcting mikrobiotsenoza, restoration of epithelium mucous membranes and other tissues of the body. Characterized by high biocompatibility.

Enterosgel has a solid porous globular structure (like a sponge) with a set of pores, which allows you to connect and display only the toxic substances in the range of molecular masses from 70 to 1000 au

sorbing substance average molecular weight: the toxic compounds, products of the protein, bilirubin, cholesterol, urea, creatinine, toxic products of micro-damaged epithelium ZHKT, unfinished products of metabolism. It creates ideal conditions for the restoration of mucous membranes. Does not affect the trace elements and other useful substances.


Unique properties of the surface in result of selective adhesion enterosgel destroys pathogens and displays them particles containing endo-and exotoxiny.

ENTEROSGEL-PASTE ® - fine dosage form enterosorbent Enterosgel.
Compared with the already well-known drug «Enterosgel , gel to make the suspension for receiving inside »Enterosgel-paste is more convenient to use, because does not require pre-cooking it. Fine form enterosgelya paste increases the sorption activity, and therefore the efficiency compared with gel.



On improving the effectiveness of the treatment occurred, and will arise in the practice physicians. The inclusion of non-invasive methods of efferent therapy, using enterosorbent in already adopted, and widely applicable treatment can significantly improve their performance. Enterosorbents - medicines, while in the bowel lumen, bind toxic substances without direct contact with blood and lead to the reduction of toxic substances in the body. There are currently regarded as an indisputable fact that enterosorbents bind and thus limit the flow of toxic substances from the intestine into the body.
Level of toxic substances from entering the bowels clearance in the body, depending on the condition of the bowel mucosa (enterogematicheskogo barrier). Therefore, the success of enterosorbtsionnoy therapy depends on the impact on enterosorbent enterogematichesky barrier.


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Indications for use

Latitude enterosgelya testimony is an indirect indicator of the critical role of the state of the gastrointestinal tract in the emergence and development of various diseases. Mucous membrane is the major obstacle preventing the penetration of bacterial particles, products of their life, as well as themselves, and bacteria in the bloodstream. It should be noted that the intestinal barrier is not simply a mechanical barrier to entry. Intestinal barrier should be viewed as a system consisting of interrelated components: the anatomical, physiological and immunological (enterogematicheskogo components of the barrier). What is now known that under the action of external pathologic factors (burns, trauma, surgical interventions), as well as at a disadvantage during the current illness (ONMK, acute myocardial infarction, severe angina) are first and foremost authorities in an intense process of exchange that gastrointestinal tract, where the first disrupted intestinal barrier. If the damage of intestinal barrier Prosvjeta intestines in greater numbers in the bloodstream are the components of dead bacteria (endotoxins), increasing their concentrations above the physiological norm in the general blood flow leads to the so-called endotoxic aggression. The development of endotoxic aggression burdening pathological processes (increased duration of disease and the frequency of complications). Enterosgel prevents the development of endotoxic aggression, because it sorbing substances damaging intestinal barrier, binds endotoxins. Receive enterosgelya in patients with impaired barrier function of intestine regenerates primarily its microcirculatory bed, leading to the restoration of the ultrastructure of cellular components mucosa - intestinal barrier is restored. Restoration of intestinal barrier leads to a lower level lipopolisaharida to physiological concentrations.


Enterosgel is an effective tool in the treatment of a wide spectrum of diseases of the digestive system. In a therapeutic effect in the treatment of gastroenterology enterosgelya disease also is its ability to selectively absorb various toxic substances, and especially substances damaging the mucosa of gastrointestinal tract. This enterosgel due to exceptional hydrophobicity of its surface is perfectly safe drug and can be used long term. Restoring intestinal barrier and destroying pathogenic and conditionally pathogenic microflora enterosgel creates the conditions for the development of normal microflora of the intestines and repression of growth pathogenic and conditionally pathogenic microorganisms. The result - normal microflora increases titles and captions pathogenic and conditionally pathogenic microflora significantly reduced or not detected at all. Thus, enterosgel is an effective tool in the treatment of various diseases of the digestive system, accompanied by disbiozom intestine.
Recent clinical studies have shown that the inclusion of enterosgelya in the treatment of gastric ulcer disease leads to more effective eradication Helicobacter pylori, in comparison with the groups of patients receiving traditional treatment, but also reduces the length of stay of patients in the hospital. Working with the gastric mucosa, provides enterosgel envelopment, preventing cell surface of a chemically aggressive effects, and adsorption Product ulcer destruction, preventing the full epithelization.

Increased vascular own plate of gastric mucosa in a patient of stomach ulcer disease to therapy with doxycycline enterosgelem. Coloring with hematoxylin and eosin. Increased 240H


Own plate gastric mucosa in a patient of stomach ulcer disease on the background of treatment doxycycline with enterosgelem. Vessels normal size. Coloring with hematoxylin and eosin. Increase in 240 X

In inflammatory and erosive-ulcerative processes ZHKT accompanied by pronounced disbiozom, the preparation allows for the welfare of patients, reduction of dis-peptic, pain syndrome, fever, motor ZHKT normalization, normalization of microflora within 10-12 days. For the treatment of uncomplicated dysbacteriosis week course is usually sufficient.


Nephrology, Urology
Enterosgel not only regulates digestion and mikrobiotsenoz, but also participates in the cleanup enteral and internal environment of the body of the final and toxic metabolites. The mechanism of purification of blood and internal environment of an organism can be explained by the existence of enteritis, recycling of endogenous substances (including toxic metabolites), which occurs as a result of secretion of the intestines and the major digestive glands: salivary glands, liver, pancreas, glands, gastric glands brunnerovyh.During the day ZHKT can come up to 15-20 liters of liquid content, which may take some time once again returned into the internal environment of organism after reabsorbtsii, one way of allocating uremic toxins from the body is the gut (in chronic renal failure, the role of the digestive canal in removing toxic substances to increase significantly), but identified in the bowel lumen, toxins re-enter the domestic environment. Enterosgel, while in the bowel lumen, interrupts the cycle of toxic metabolites and other substances. Thus, the sorptive therapy enterosgelem always reduces the toxic and metabolic strain on the body. It should be borne in mind that a positive therapeutic effect has always been unique, with a crucial role to play the number of input enterosgelya, mode and duration of sorption therapy.
Enterosgel has a number of advantages compared with other natural sorbents. Due to its hydrophobicity, he quickly removed from ZHKT, along with toxic substances and does not penetrate into the internal environment through the intestinal barrier. The high biocompatibility enterosgelya allow him to use much longer time, compared with other sorbents (in a few months), the possibility of a long reception makes it an indispensable detoksikantom in patients with chronic renal insufficiency. Application enterosgelya in the complex treatment of renal failure efficiently kupiruet not only intoksikatsionny syndrome, but other manifestations of the disease - abdominal, dizurichesky syndromes and reaction temperature.
Their recent clinical studies have shown that the use of enterosgelya also effective in the treatment and chronic cystitis. In this case enterosgel used to vnutripuzyrnogo introduction and oral.

Allergology, Dermatology
Allergic, atopic diseases is closely linked to the pathology of the digestive system. The basis of the pathogenesis of virtually all types of allergic diseases is often hypersensitivity to food, hydrolysis, and by the absorption in the gastrointestinal tract (ZHKT). Therefore, any pathological processes that lead to a breach of control systems the permeability of intestinal barrier, a violation of absorption of food antigens, usually accompanied by an increase of allergic reactions. In addition, through ZHKT in the domestic environment can enter the body and other types of allergens. Allergic reactions amplified at high concentrations in the blood lipopolisaharida (endotoxic aggression). The use of enterosgelya with allergic diseases seems to be very useful, because restoration of intestinal barrier as a result of enterosorption enterosgelem and is accompanied by an increase in secretory immunoglobulin in the bowel lumen (secretory immunoglobulin secreting cells of the mucous membrane of intestines). The increase in secretory immunoglobulin in the bowel lumen as a result of the restoration of the mucous membrane and the reduction of blood flow leads lipopolisaharida in reducing expression of allergic reactions. And also, enterosgel able to bind to the surface of food and non-food allergens, which in some ways, can reduce the antigen load on the immune component of intestinal barrier.
In the treatment of atopic dermatitis in various stages of pathologic process (child eczema, neurodermatitis) and other skin allergozov positive effect is observed already after 1 ~ 2 days from the beginning of the introduction of the drug. Itching declining, stable surface lesions in the absence of new elements of the inflammatory skin rashes and moknutiya. Able to stop the process, on average, within 6-13 days.


SURGERY, traumatic
Recently enterosgel are increasingly used in various areas of surgery. This is, above all, with the capacity of local and systemic detoxification, which can be solved only with the use of sorbents. Enterosgel able to tackle a wider range of tasks associated with bacterial infections, disorders of metabolism and digestive function, which often accompany and complicate the disease during surgery. The high sorption activity and specificity enterosgelya, as well as its physical and chemical properties allow it to use in various fields of surgery. An important factor is the simplicity and low cost of the sorption of therapy, which makes it accessible to everyday praktiki.Enterosgel application can be applied to the unaffected skin, as well as directly on the wound surface in cases of traumatic tissue loss (as in private or public harm), with burn trauma, purulent-inflammatory processes. Enterosgel may be imposed and on the surface of mucous membranes: the urogenital system, the various divisions of the gastrointestinal tract. Enterosgel can be used in the composition of solutions used for washing wound tissue injury, lavage. Shown that the therapeutic effect of dialysis pareticheski modified intestine increases significantly if the conduct of its use enterosgel.

Obstetrics, Gynecology
enterosorption in obstetrics and gynecology has a long history. In the past ten years in the practice of obstetrician gynecologist was successfully implemented Enterosgel. Its characteristics, bioavailability, safety, non-toxic, chemical inertness, the rapid ascent of the body, as well as excellent properties - the possibility of sorption products of protein, bilirubin, urea creatinine, toxic products of metabolism and vital functions of bacteria, etc. make this product one of the most important components in the complex therapy in obstetrics and gynecology. Application Enterosgelya in obstetrics for the treatment of late gestosis, placental insufficiency, the dead fetus, pregnancy nevynashivanii and others in order to treat phenomena endotoksikoza. Good results are obtained when using Enterosgelya with postpartum endometritis. The positive effect is observed in the treatment of jaundice in newborns, premature infants with vyhazhivanii. Enterosgel is an important component in the complex treatment of pregnant women with extragenital diseases (pyelonephritis, liver disease, diabetes, etc.) in recent years in obstetrics implemented application treatment Enterosgelem - kolpitov in the treatment, complications, postoperative wounds, traumatic injury birth canal. In gynecology sorbent is also used for the treatment of enteral through in treatment of purulent-inflammatory disease, endometritis after abortion. Application treatment Enterosgelem a number of gynecological diseases has improved the outcome. Enterosgel used in the treatment of baseline disease cervix (all stages of treatment), inflammation of the vagina as a specific or nonspecific, in the preparation of patients for surgical intervention in the reconstruction of the vagina biocenosis.

Patients with intestinal infections enterosgelya use reduces treatment time by 2-3 days (temperature returned to normal during the first days of application , chair normalized on the second day). As a result of Enterosgelya in patients with nephrologic disease complicated by chronic renal insufficiency, expressed by decreasing acidosis and azotemiya. K10-12 Day reception Enterosgelya rates of creatinine and urea decrease, respectively, 1.7 and 2.2 times, restored hydrocarbonate potential blood, improves ammoniogenez kidney.



Using Enterosgelya in viral hepatitis has a positive effect, which manifests itself in the welfare of patients, increased appetite, reduced or terminated itchy skin, and weakness, decreasing the concentration of bilirubin and activity aminot-ransferaz improves Indicators timolovoy samples. The effect occurs at 5-7 days of starting treatment.
According to the Clinic for Childhood Diseases MMA them. IV Sechenov Enterosgelya inclusion in complex therapy of bronchial asthma can reduce the severity of or prevent the worsening of the disease, increase the duration of mezhpristupnogo period normalize immunological indicators, in particular, phagocytic number, absorption capacity and rate of metabolism of neutrophils kislorodozavisimogo and others.

Special interest represents the application Enterosgelya with influenza and other ARI - the effective elimination of toxic products of the virus and its life enables you to safely cure the disease, on average, for 2 ~ 3 days and to avoid unwanted complications.



Enterosgel ® gel for the preparation of suspensions for ingestion are in the form of aqueous suspensions. To obtain the necessary number of drug suspensions thoroughly knead in 1/4 cup of water and take zapivaya water for 1-2 hours before eating or receiving other drugs. We recommend that you prepare a fresh suspension before each dose reduction. Enterosgel ® pasta for ingestion is a ready-made suspension, take it inside zapivaya a sufficient quantity of water. Dosage for adults - to 1 tablespoon (15 g) 3 times a day (45 g).

Children under the age of 5 - 1 teaspoon (5 grams) 3 times a day (15 g) , from 5 to 14 years - 1 dessert: spoon (10 g) 3 times a day (30 g)

In severe intoxications in the first three days of dose may be increased by half.

duration of treatment of acute poisoning at least 10 days, and chronic intoxication and allergic conditions for 2-3 weeks. The second course on the advice of a doctor.

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