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Medicinal mushroomsThere are 20 products.

Dried mushrooms or medicinal. powder or extract in capsules contain glucans in addition to strengthening immunity more other substances (peptides, triterpenes) that help in the treatment of inflammation, atherosclerosis and viral diseases. Particularly effective is 5x Forte Reishi mushroom fruiting body extract (Reishi mushroom) or Shiitake.

Products MycoMedica also meet the strictest quality and safety conditions - certificates of GMP, HACCP, GAP and Food Sanitary Registration Certificate of Export Enterprise. Each product is also subjected to stringent tests by an independent German laboratory to meet the strict conditions of European standards 90/642/EEC. For each batch of tests are done on more than 500 known pesticides and heavy metals. Microbiological tests are performed, tests for DNA tests on radioactivity, the amount of polysaccharides. For products MycoMedica are conducted tests on toxicity LD50.

Some manufacturers, in order to achieve microbiological purity extracts, put them to radioactive radiation that destroys microorganisms. We emphasize that the products are not irradiated MycoMedica at any stage of production. Quality and quantity of carbohydrates is essential for the effect of the extract. Therefore, for each product are given amounts of polysaccharides. Some manufacturers use an unfair practice and added to the fungal extract starch to achieve a higher proportion of polysaccharides. We emphasize that the products contain only MycoMedica fungal polysaccharides, no starch. Likewise, packaging and storage products MycoMedica is under strict health and hygiene conditions. Extracts are kapslovány into gelatin capsules. The gelatin capsules also has MycoMedica all relevant tests and certificates.

MycoMedica extracts from medicinal mushrooms are not only isolated polysaccharides! They use hot water extraction with alcohol precipitation at the end of the process. It's a very friendly way, which can break the chitinous barrier and maintain the full spectrum of active substances. However, polysaccharides are the main active substances for which we use mushrooms. Extracts from medicinal mushrooms and herbs used in traditional medicine for a long time, not only in China. Tablets of the Chinese herbs used by reputable manufacturers in the offices of doctors of Chinese medicine are also produced by extraction. How long practice and experience shows, their efficiency can not be doubted. Extracts of medicinal mushroom used not only to traditional medicine, are the subject of many recent studies and clinical research.

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