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The medicinal mineral Šungit (Shungit), is found only in one place on our planet, in Karelia, on the shores of Lake Onega in Russia. Still not fully understood its origin, but there is a hypothesis that remains are šungity gigantic meteorite. Šungitu age is around 2 billion years and has quite a unique physical, chemical and therapeutic properties. The main ingredient is šungitu carbon - the basic building block of life. From diamond and graphite, which is based on the carbon, the šungit differ in structure. The molecules are similar to a soccer ball and are called fullerenes - a new type of molecular forms of carbon, which are molecules containing the magic number of atoms C60. Šungit is the only mineral on Earth, which includes medical fullerenes. The importance of the discovery of fullerenes, speaks the fact that a group of English scientists as it won the Nobel Prize in 1996.

It turned out that the interaction with water šungit has medicinal properties. Transforms water into biologically active. Water with energoinformační šungitu matrix is water-new generation. It helps to work all the biological structures of the body, without suppressing the healthy cells. Fullerene is a powerful and long-acting antioxidant. Šungit is universal sorbent. Nothing beats the ability šungitu purify water from harmful impurities. At the same time adds beneficial micro-organism and macro-and absorbs harmful. Šungitovou water can be used for gargling, rinsing the mouth and nose with tonsillitis, colds and periodontitis.

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